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A Précis in Watercolor and Verse

Artist Statement
"Thanatos," named for the demon personification of death, examines the murder of black youth. The examination is dramatized in the poem and water color painting:

Excerpts of "Thanatos"
I’ve asserted that I’m an American man,
    Who till the age of sixteen
Saluted the flag,
   Until I saw it was snagged
On the white picket fence in my dream.


So, I turned and the light in our eyes parallaxed.
    His, like an arctic glare 
That froze the minutes which hung 
    Between us in our stare.
Mine in his, was a stag’s, 

A stag in a place it just ought not to be.


But a stag has antlers still;
So, I’ll mangle and gore as I step out the door,
And maybe my killer, too,
        I’ll kill.
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Thanatos Thanatos

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